Manage your team, delegate various tasks and combine your efforts for victory! Construction, assembly and alterations all take place in the pit lane. The design of the hot-rods also shows how meaningful this event can be as the "who's who" of the racing elite becomes clear. To get the teams off to a good start, each is provided with a soap box kit with instructions and sufficient tools. If there are problems during construction, our service team will help out with useful hints. One part of the team deals with the team design at the same time. Before the qualifying round, all the hot-rods are parked in the parc fermé where they can be viewed by the curious competition and the paparazzi. The introduction of the teams and vehicles then opens the challenge. The time trials are timed exactly using a photo sensor system, accurate to a hundredth of a second. Can be carried out anywhere with an open area about the size of a football pitch.


2-4 hours


Cost per person:
20 people from € 241.00

50 people from € 136.00

100 people from € 120.00
200 people from € 72.00
incl. coordination of all services and personal, on the ground support
plus member transfers, rent for terrain, overnight stay and travel costs for the team (according to cost, no additional charge)

plus VAT