We help you kindle the enthusiasm.

Want to present your product on an oil rig in the Adriatic or on Greenland’s glaciers?

No problem! We know what we’re talking about. We create unique, experience-based events

for you to place your target group in a place they have earned: the centre.

Our communication solutions are feasible in their implementation, tangible in their message

and measurable in their success.

We help you to ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression and create the ideal framework conditions. Always viewed as a whole, planned with vision and thought through

step by step: consulting, design, project management and implementation.

Event Partners supports you in the following areas:

· Staging shows with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology
· Designing event-specific websites and online participant management systems
· Coordinating accommodation and catering requirements
· Recruiting hostesses, moderators, artists, etc.
· Providing call centres and event hotlines
· Follow-up and after-sales strategies
· Quality control and statistical evaluation of the event